News 3 February 2015

Suge Knight charged with Murder & gets his $2 million bail revoked

3 February 2015

It has now been confirmed that Suge Knight has been charged with murder and is unable to make bail.

The former NFL player and Death Row founder handed himself in to police as the reports of the hit and run incident involving Knight was became hot news everywhere.

Suge’s lawyer insists that it was an accident in which his client attempted to flee from an attack to his vehicle which left Terry Carter, 55, dead and Cle “Bone” Sloan, 51 seriously injured.

Knight was captured on video handing himself into the police and even left his cigar outside resting in a tree, confidently believing he would be out again to finish it.

However on Monday a court commissioner made the decision to revoke the $2 million bail after information had emerged of Knights violent past, with a high chance he could intimidate the witnesses.

Suge has had a number of issues with the police, now he faces four charges which could see him serve life in prison.

Words: Ren_GRM