News 1 October 2015
Author: Alex Griffin

Sunday League Footballer jailed for stamping on opposing players leg

1 October 2015

You don’t see this in the Premier League. Nathaniel Kerr, a 24 year-old Sunday League football player, has been jailed for purposefully stamping on an opponents leg.

Sentenced at Manchester Crown Court, Kerr will serve 1 year in prison for the “aggression and thuggery” he showed when he attacked Stuart Parsons, the 30 year-old victim.

Parsons had been arguing with one of Kerr’s team mates, which led to the incident in August 2014. Parsons had to have reconstructive surgery on his leg and was unable to work, which PC Louise Spencer, of Greater Manchester Police, said, “had a catastrophic effect on the victim’s life”.

“He is self-employed and the injury meant he was forced to rely on the kindness of his team-mates, who arranged fundraisers and charity events to provide the financial support he needed,” she added.

“All the while Kerr has shown absolutely no remorse for his vicious attack, calling the victim a ‘wimp’ and verbally abusing him as he was lying in agony on the pitch.”

Team mates of Parsons have been providing fundraisers and charity matches to raise money to support Parsons’ young family. We wish him a speedy recovery!

Words: Alex Griffin