News 24 April 2021

UK ‘supergrass’ in hiding after helping criminals get more than 250 years in jail

24 April 2021

A man described as “Britain’s most prolific informant” and a supergrass has gone into hiding after his evidence jailed criminals for more than 250 years.

The unnamed man’s evidence across six trials about drug trafficking between Brazil and the UK with 20 defendants has helped the police uncover a cocaine smuggling operation with millions of pounds.

Described as a “supergrass”, the witness was a former cocaine dealer who was kidnapped and tortured by his associates due to his debts.

The witness reportedly then decided to help the police after his experience.

The man spent 41 days in total providing witness testimony and has now been given a new life and identity.

Detective Inspector Alan  Inspector Turner said, “He made it abundantly clear in 40 days of cross-examination – he was in fear for his life well before the agreement, he was at risk of serious violence and people had committed serious assaults on him.

“You may not like the police, but in this case his and his family’s safety was the big motive.”

The informant’s new details are protected by a court order as he fears for his life due to the possibility that his former associates may seek revenge.

Detective Inspector Turner added, “The criminals who have been put behind bars are significant organised crime group members within northeast England and further afield. That includes an international-level criminal from Montenegro, based in Spain.

“Without the evidence of this witness, they would not have been brought to justice.”

The man came clean to the police about his crimes before entering an agreement with them.

A total of 23 offences were admitted which would have led to a possible 14 years in prison.

Instead, the so-called “supergrass” was given a 15 month sentence which has been suspended for two years.

In other international drug news, police were left disappointed when £860,000 worth of ecstasy and MDMA they seized in a raid actually turned out to be ground up Haribo sweets.