News 25 June 2021
Author: Courtney W

Listen To SVMI’s Debut 7-Track EP ‘Ma Mood’

25 June 2021

The multi-talented Manchester creative SVMI has finally unveiled his debut EP titled Ma Mood.

Teaming up with his long-time collaborator and producer LiTek, with additional production from RDNM Beats, SVMI creates a vibey 7-track tape on Ma Mood which lets us into the life and sounds of the Mancunian.

As well as featuring the previously released upbeat tunes “Milan” and “P.O.P (Hold It Down)”, the tape also includes fresh material where we see SVMI slow things down a bit such as “Intro” and “OFC”.

“This project means a lot to me,” SVMI said of Ma Mood. “It perfectly showcases my creative sound and speaks to the person I’ve become over the past few years.

“Each song feels autobiographical for me because they are representations of my mood at the time they were being made, and they capture those moments in my life quite vividly.”

Take in Ma Mood below and to see SVMI’s video for the aforementioned “Milan”, click here!