Videos 1 October 2021
Author: Courtney W

Swindle Enlists Maverick Sabre & Joel Culpepper On Powerful Single “NO BLACK, NO IRISH”

1 October 2021

Producer Swindle is back with another teaser from his upcoming album in the form of “NO BLACK, NO IRISH” with Maverick Sabre and Joel Culpepper.

Titled after the infamous expression “No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs” which was commonly used by businesses in Britain in the post-war years, this collaboration is a powerful one that hears Maverick and Joel use their vocals to speak on racism and discrimination.

The song is filled with striking lyrics such as Joel’s “So black I’m blue”, which came to him after watching a Nat King Cole documentary.

“His complexion being the centre of conversation, they used to say his skin was so dark it looked blue on screen,” Joel said of the lyric. “The colour being blue felt to me a sad irony – feeling blue, surrounded by controversy, hate and marginalisation.”

“NO BLACK, NO IRISH” is taken from Swindle’s forthcoming album The New World alongside the previously released “Blow Ya Trumpet”, “Darkest Hour” and “Lost”.

Take in Swinde’s new single above while we wait for the album to drop on October 29!