Videos 6 October 2021
Author: Luke Forte

Tara Lily Teases Upcoming EP With Video For Soothing Track “4 Years”

Author Luke Forte
6 October 2021

Extracted from the Tara Lily’s forthcoming debut EP Lost in London, the whirling harmonies of the blooming songstress take us on a soul-touching journey in the rising-star’s latest offering “4 Years”, alongside some grainy visuals.

Cascading jazz symphonies, Latinx touches and urban rhythm are just a few disciplines that cultivate the captivating soundscape for London’s up-comer to thrive upon; showcasing that heavenly vocal range for all to hear, as she weaves in-between sonic layers, truly complimenting the elegant sounds of the bone-chilling brass. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind “4 Years”, Tara Lily shares:“It’s very raw and very real; the lyrical content of most of my songs are deep, I talk about things that a lot of people don’t want to talk about, and that’s why it feels like dark R&B jazz; the dark comes from those difficult but important feelings that are expressed.”

Tara turns to director Ben Brainbridge to manifest the ‘dark R&B jazz’ vibe she speaks of; taking Tara on a looming late-night ride along the metropolitan’s bus system, leaving much to the impression with its grainy visual experience as Tara sits in pensive thought with her headphones. 

Take in Tara’s “4 Years” above and look out for her debut project Lost in London out on October 8th!