News 16 January 2017
Author: Seth P

Taxstone arrested in connection with Troy Ave Shooting

16 January 2017

It seems that rap violence hasn’t stemmed in recent years, despite modern day beefs being handled either on Twitter, or more recently in the squared circle.

Last year, around May, rapper Troy Ave was injured and his bodyguard killed in a shooting at Irving Plaza in New York City. No one has been busted for the shooting in the months after, however today podcast personality Darryl Campbell, aka Taxstone, was arrested because he had an outstanding warrant for possession of a firearm.

It is believed that he is also going to be questioned regarding the shooting at Irving Plaza. The shooting followed a brawl that broke out in one of the green rooms and the shooter is believed to have been captured on CCTV.

Despite seemingly being a victim in this case, Troy Ave has also been summoned to court on charges including attempted murder as he is believed to have fired shots in return.

His legal team have maintained that these shots were only fired in self defence; they have also brought a lawsuit against Irving Plaza and Live Nation for poor security at the event.

No matter the outcome, this just got more interesting…