News 29 November 2021

Listen To TE dness’ New Mixtape ‘Hustlers Need Healing’

29 November 2021

West London’s TE dness has gifted us with a brand-new mixtape dubbed Hustlers Need Healing.

Housing ten original tracks, this mixtape wraps up what’s been a busy year for TE dness who has spent 2021 dropping numerous singles such as “Ashore”, “Price On My Head”, “Normal City Girl” with Shae Universe and more.

The rapper goes it alone on much of the tape, providing each track with his passionate delivery and sincere lyrics to let listeners into his mind and emotions. Despite this, he does enlist the likes of ySo?, Berna and E. Mak on “Fatherless Child”, “Lebron” and “Champs Pain” respectively.

Announcing the project on Instagram last week, TE dness wrote: “Easy for me to rush out the gate and leave a mixtape at a certain point in time because that’s really what they are to me. A stamp in time. I just want you to take this one in over time though. There’s no rush, you might not need it yet but I have faith that you will.

“Sit with it, live with it, hear me out. It’s ok to feel. HUSTLERS NEED HEALING.”

Be sure to take in Hustlers Need Healing in full below!