News 12 January 2022

‘Tearless’ Onions To Go On Sale IN UK Supermarkets For First Time

12 January 2022

The days of wiping your tears when chopping onions might be a thing of the past as UK supermarkets will begin selling ‘tearless’ onions for the first time.

“Sunions”, described as a sweet variety of the vegetable that don’t “reduce cooks to tears”, have been available in the U.S. since 2018 but will be available in Waitrose from next week.

The onions have taken more than 30 years to perfect, with the brand spending that time finding ways to breed less pungent varieties of the vegetable so that the vapours released when chopped are not powerful enough to cause tears.

A website promoting the products says: “Volatile compounds in onions are responsible for tearing and pungent flavour and the amounts of those compounds in other onions remain the same or increase over time.

“In Sunions, these compounds do the exact opposite and decrease to create a tearless, sweet and mild onion.

Paul Bidwell, an onion buyer for Waitrose, said: “We understand how a-peeling tearless onions are to our customers which is why we’re delighted to launch Sunions in selected stores and via from 18 January.

“Ideal for taking the tears out of the kitchen, the sweetness of this type of onion lends itself perfectly to a variety of dishes, from salads to hot meals.”

Sunions will be sold for £1.50 for a three-pack when they go on sale online and in selected Waitrose stores from Tuesday next week.

[Image by NUM LPPHOTO via Shutterstock]