News 15 June 2022

Teenagers Admit To Stealing £30,000 Worth Of Chewing Gum

15 June 2022

Two teenagers have admitted to stealing around £30,000 worth of chewing gum from a lorry at a petrol station.

Keon Sanderson, 18, and Ellis Benecke, 19, confessed that they stole from the parked Wrigley lorry while the driver was asleep in a service area on the M5 in Gloucestershire. The pair cut a whole in the lorry, before transferring the gum into their own van.

However, the pair were spotted by a member of the public who called the police just after 3am on May 4.

After Sanderson and Benecke refused to stop for police on the motorway, a chase began which resulted in the thieves driving the wrong way around a roundabout and on the other side of the road.

Officers eventually managed to stop and detain them.

Keon Sanderson and Ellis Benecke

Both of the men pleaded guilty to theft and admitted possession of cannabis at Gloucester Crown Court yesterday (June 14).

Prosecutor Nicola Wood said: “Both defendants are of relatively good character. Sanderson has no previous criminal convictions and Benecke has just one driving-related conviction.”

They were released on conditional bail until July 18 when they will be sentenced.

[Image: artfotoxyz via Shutterstock]