News 12 December 2019
Author: Courtney W

Tekashi 6ix9ine Asks Judge For “Second Chance” In Apology Letter

12 December 2019

Tekashi 6ix9ine has written an apology letter to a U.S judge in hopes that he will receive a more lenient prison sentence, according to reports.

have reportedly retrieved access to the letter which shows 6ix9ine – who is currently awaiting sentencing for racketeering charges – apologising for his crimes.

The rapper allegedly wrote in the letter: “As my sentencing date approaches, I am becoming more and more overwhelmed with emotions… ‘t honestly feels like my world is crashing down. There is no excuse, no justification and no apology good enough in this world to explain my crimes.

“While I have been incarcerated, I have had time to reflect on the recklessness and foolishness of my decisions. I wake up every morning asking myself was it worth it?”

In the letter, he also explains how he “felt stuck” being controlled by the Nine Trey gang, adding: “I know that I am not a victim because my actions contributed to this mess.

“I now know that I am remorseful for what happened because I was blessed with the gift of an opportunity that most people dream of but I squandered it by getting involved with the wrong people and misrepresenting myself.”

Later on in the letter, 6ix9ine goes on to apologise to the judge, as well as his fans.

The apology from Tekashi 6ix9ine comes months after the rapper took to court to testify against two members from the Nine Trey gang.