News 7 May 2015

Tensions brewing? Chip & Stormzy exchange on Twitter

7 May 2015

Earlier this week Tinie Tempah released ‘Peak‘ featuring Stormzy and Bugzy Malone, produced by Diztortion.

While the track was not a direct diss to Chip, the indirects were enough to know who the bars were aimed at in Tinie’s verse.

With the twist and turns over the last few months occurring in the scene, which saw a long list of emcees going back and forth in lyrical warfare, one name which has stayed clear of any of the drama, is Stormzy.

Whilst Bugzy and Tinie throw jabs at Chip, Stormzy didn’t, but aligning himself with Chip’s so called enemies caused a few eye brow raising Tweets

Peep below.

Flipz, aka Mr “Don’t Tark Too Much” (aka Stormzy’s best mate) added to the drama; tweeting that there was a ‘simple way to settle this’… @’ing Jammer for a potential Lord of the Mics clash.

From what it looks like things have settled down, given the two have never had issues and Stormzy features on Chip’s latest project ‘Believe and Achieve’.

Not to mention they both feature on Lethal B’s ‘Fester Skank Remix’ .

With that, said given how fickle the current situation is between certain emcees who knows what could happen.