Interviews THE SHORTLIST 17 May 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

The Shortlist: Introducing Terra

17 May 2017

Introducing The Shortlist.

Featuring the hottest MC’s, rappers and artists that you’re going to be hearing a hell of a lot of over the next 12 months and beyond. From rap to grime, R&B to drill, there’s a flavour for everybody on our new album.

Handpicked by us at GRM Daily to create some original music, we’ve brought together the UK undergrounds freshest talent into one place, just for you.

This is the future of our scene and we’re over the moon to be able to provide this platform for them.

The album is out now across all streaming platforms: iTunesApple MusicSpotify. While you get familiar with the music, we thought it’s only right we start introducing the key players from the project.

Kicking things off, we’d like to introduce you to Terra.

What ends are you repping?

“South London.”

How long have you been making music?

“Since can I remember, but seriously for the last 2 years I’d say.”

What’s your biggest inspiration inside and outside of music?

“My kids, inside and outside!”

What is it you love about grime and why?

“I love the whole energy behind it and I was raised on it. I think It makes me feel at home because London life is grimy sometimes”

Who are your top five favourite MC’s of all time and why?

“Kendrick Lamar, CASISDEAD, Giggs, P Money and Stormzy. There’s a few more I could have said, it’s not an easy question. Kendricks on a different level and I’ve been listening to Cas since he was Castro. Giggs is just the man! P Money’s a grime OG and Stormzy’s  just going in.”

What do you want a listener to take away from a Terra tune?

“I want them to get gassed off the bars the same way a DJ would when they pull up a tune in the rave.”

Tell me about “Lurker”; who produced it? What’s the story behind it?

“It’s produced by Westy, one of the hardest grime producers out in my opinion, who at the time I was doing freestyles over his beats. We got in contact and he sent me a couple of beats and “Lurker” was one of them. It also features Hakkan Hassan on the intro and outro, who’s a very funny and talented guy.”

When can we expect a debut project from you and what can we expect from it?

“By the end of this year I should have a debut project ready. In terms of what to expect, expect good energy!”

What are your aspirations for the next 5 years?

“For more and more people to hear my music, to keep improving and enjoying what I’m doing.”

What about the short term? What’s next up for Terra?

“For the short term I just want to keep shelling bars!”