News 8 August 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Youtuber handed restraining order against Little Mix singer

Author Trudy Barry
8 August 2017

Youtuber and body builder Terroll Lewis has been handed a restraining order, banning him from contacting Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock for three years.

The decision comes after an incident last year which saw Lewis slap the singer in a London restaurant. Pinnock was left “in a state of shock, embarrassment and humiliation” after the tone of the conversation turned and Lewis became verbally aggressive and struck her. The argument apparently was sparked after Lewis claimed that Pinnock and her friend would feel “intimidated” by his girlfriend, fellow blogger Nikita Johnson, were there.

Johnson announced the couple had split last month.

Lewis admitted that physical contact did happen but says he only ever intended to “push Leigh-Anne’s face” however her sudden movements made the connection harder than intended.

The case’s Judge, Robin McPhee, said in court, “You had gone over to the table, the conversation had clearly taken a turn you didn’t like. You used your size to intimidate and then slap her.

“I am aware that because of her position as a member of a particular pop group she is more vulnerable to approaches from members of the public.

“You were no more than a member of the public who had gone over to engage her in conversation. There was an argument. Clearly your temper got the better of you on this occasion.”

Despite claims from tabloid newspapers that Lewis had also been put on electronic tag, the internet personality took to Instagram to deny these reports.