News 16 July 2018
Author: Ayan Khaire

TFL to honour Gareth Southgate by renaming this tube station

Author Ayan Khaire
16 July 2018

TFL are set to honour Gareth Southgate by renaming a Piccadilly line tube station.

Gareth Southgate has had a successful World Cup, one we haven’t had in a long time since our loss at Italy ’90, also in the semi-final. Even with our 2-1 loss to Croatia on Wednesday, as a nation, we were very proud of our boys to come that far and it’s only right to celebrate them and the man who made that happen.

England will be celebrating the man himself for 48 hours until Tuesday, changing Southgate Tube Station’s name to Gareth Southgate.

With the Euro 2020 coming up, Gareth has not only a strong and humbled squad, he has a nation of fans who will be saluting their team with respect and admiration.

TfL’s London Underground managing director, Mark Wild, said, “The great performance of the England team this summer brought people of all ages together in celebration.

“We’re delighted to be able to show our appreciation to Gareth and the team by renaming the station in his honour.”