News 2 October 2016
Author: Nathan

The 5 Best Freestyles You Missed This Week [003]

Author Nathan
2 October 2016

Three weeks and we’re back at it again! After showcasing the best freestyles of the week for the past fortnight, GRM are back with the hottest freestyles from across radio and YouTube. Our 3rd edition sees some familiar faces and perhaps some that you may not have been put on before – just call GRM the plug! So let’s get into it;

1. Berna – Link Up TV Freestyle


“They talk about designer, designer but I still roll out in my tracksuit and my Nikes”

Since bursting through in a number of memorable freestyles, Berna has shown why he is one of the best “one to watch” prospects for the next 12 months. After an impressive showing on Sian Anderson’s 1Xtra show, Berna raises the bar yet again with his latest street freestyle, which he released via Link Up TV. The young MC proves why he is one of the most promising spitters in the game right now, with effortless flow and comfortable delivery on this set of bars. We hope that there will be some new material surfacing soon from Berna to match the presence and experitise displayed in his freestyles.

2. MDargg, Stickz & S Wavey Westwood Freestyle


Big 44 that will earth him. I’m with white M’s, you’re on swerving, I’m a magic man just like Merlin

Over the past 2 years, the drill scene [especially in South London] has taken off in the UK and the genre has become a hotbed for original and unique talent. Leading the pack for booming instrumentals and uppercut lyrics is MDargg, Stickz and S Wavey who took to Tim Westwood’s Capital Xtra show to drop some serious lyrics. Standing at just over 12 minutes, the trio go back to back over a number of beats and inject humour, ad-libs and onomatopoeia to make it truly memorable. Topics cover what we have come to expect from the drill scene but doesn’t mean that the three can’t look to make it their own.

3. Wrigz – Warm Up Session


They put us to sleep, we were snoring. But some of us woke up and started talking!

It’s been about 6 months since Manchester’s own Wrigz was on SBTV, displaying a next level of grime lyricism on his anthem, “Japan”. In the meantime, he dropped a very quotable freestyle via JDZ Media’s SPITFIRE segment and this week, returned back to SB for his Warm Up Session. From the off, his message is clear, as he drops a conscious offering asking people to “wake up” and take in the modern world’s agenda. He stands tall as a soldier for the cause and not at any time does Wrigz come across as a preacher and that he knows better. He is just looking to let people know whats going on and does so with ease and excellent delivery.

4. Splurgeboys & P.A.P x President T x P Money 1Xtra Takeover


When trouble ignites, I know man that are scared of heights, that will skip to the side and knock off your lights

Continuing their takeover for Sian Anderson on her 1Xtra show, which has already a legendary set alongside Scorcher, Splurgeboys and P.A.P returned this week with two grime OGs in the form of P Money and President T. The two MCs showcase their talents in the only way they know how, by shelling down the set! Killing instrumentals from the likes of Top Dolla [“Flexin”] and Filthy Gears [“Filthy Sax”], the duo only add to the already existing magic chemistry from the Splurgeboys and P.A.P. When Sian eventually returns, I would like to see their weekly freestyle session continue in some way shape or form!

5. Skinz – Fire In The Booth


You don’t even know the half of it, coz you’re only talking what you see. At night, it gets a likkle deeper, because if its seen, its only because they wanna let you see”.

As we featured earlier this week with our sit down with Coco, Sheffield is becoming one of the most exciting places for upcoming urban acts. This week saw another star shine through with another Sheffield native, Skinz take to Fire In The Booth and literally burn it down. Displaying a number of different flows, Skinz is a natural storyteller and even tells Sloth “I don’t want you to drop no bombs, just listen Charlie”. His slower style matches the reflective beat perfectly as he talks about religion, police brutality and his life of the road. While Skinz may not be a name known to many, this FITB serves as a perfect reminder why he is a name that needs to be known.