Music Videos News 22 February 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

The 5 best music videos of the week [007]

22 February 2016

Welcome back to our definitive guide to the best music videos of the week, your only must-visit destination for the best visuals in the scene. This week, in scenes similar to what we saw throughout 2015, we have somewhat of a duppy special. The boy Chipmunk is back at it again, this time with Play Dirty’s Yungen in his crosshairs. The pair both dropped videos this week, alongside a handful of other visual treats too. Check out this week’s picks, hand selected by our guy Griff.


Yungen – Punk

Although this wasn’t the first send (Chip’s “One Take” freestyle was the warning shot in this fresh beef), it was the first one of real substance. It seems like Yungen was anticipating Chip to make the first move, as he prepped a full blown video and diss track, with Play Dirty claiming they had an informant in the CMAR camp.


Chipmunk – Michelle Riddim

It took very little time for Chip to come back at Yungs, when just last night he released his comeback hot off the presses. Likening his new South London nemesis to the least fleeky member of Destiny’s Child (sorry Miche), this beef certainly isn’t going to be going anywhere soon.


Renz – Loose Change (ft. Breezermane)

New Gen pioneer Renz is back on his business, with a brand new video featuring Breezermane. His latest tune “Loose Change” brings the camera to the streets of South, bringing that extra bit of grittiness to his trap-soul influenced music. Renz has been busy locked away in the Red Bull studio, so expect some new heat from him soon.


Devlin – Bitches

Dagenham’s finest Devlin is back making waves, a long while after his last single drop “50 Grand” featuring Skepta. He certainly ain’t believing in a lot of your mans barbers, taking aim at all the men acting and flexing like gyal, showing off some of the worst case scenarios in the singles accompanying video.


TE dness – NML Intro

It’s been a long time since he’s been trying , but TE dness’ passion is still there. He vents his frustrations in the new video for his mixtape “Not Much Longer“‘s opener, waking up with a bad b, before taking it to the roads of West London with his boys. He might still be dreamchasing, but you’ve earned your place on our music videos of the week list, T!

Words: Alex Griffin