Music Videos News 21 March 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

The 5 best music videos of the week [011] #GRMVOTW

21 March 2016

Welcome back to our definitive guide to the best music videos of the week, your only must-visit destination for the best visuals in the scene. This week, we had a whole bunch of sick videos to choose from and we’ve landed a very strong 5 as a result. Pree 5 of the most creatively directed music videos below, brought to you by our guy Griff.


Section Boyz – “Dig Dat”

Starting off this weeks selections of the best music videos of the week, are the Section Boyz with their latest release “Dig Dat”. The track is brand new, not coming from their mixtape ‘Don’t Panic’ and has got some fresh footage in it to prove it, including that now historic performance with man like Drake at Village Underground. The rest of the video has shots from the rest of the Sectionly tour, as the lads continue their already amazing successes.


Manga Saint Hilare – “Burse”

Manga Saint Hilare takes his brand of luxury grime into the barber shop, for his latest visual “Burse”. The ‘White Jean Suit Confidence‘ opening track has punchlines, flows and a creative video to match it. The editing is simple but works to elevate the Lewi B-produced track, with extra care and attention going into the aesthetics. Big up Manga for this one, make sure you aren’t sleeping on it.


Hardy Caprio – “Love Song”

Croydon younger Hardy Caprio is continuing his heavy work rate, with yet another visual, for one of the hardest tracks he’s released to date. “Love Song” isn’t your typical ballad or bedroom playlist essential, with a gurgling bassline courtesy of Westy providing the dark backdrop for Hardy to deliver his bars in the ends.


Youngs Teflon – “Pain Is Of The Essence”

Youngs Teflon has dropped another video from his second (yes second, already) mixtape of the year, ‘March Madness’. The track is a cover of Dubzy and Giggs’ UK classic, although Tefs lives up to the OG’s legacy by delivering some incredibly slick lyrics detailing some street tales. The video is directed by Danny Streetz and was of course premiered by us. There’s a reason Tefs is called the Underated Legend and this right here is one of them.


LD & Dimzy – “67K What Where!?”

67 are one of the rawest crews out right now and they continue their run with LD and Dimzy dropping one of our best music videos of the week. The pair are mobbing deep in the new visual, with masks, fire and all around hard as nails bars adding to the menacing vibe. If you’re asking what and where the realness is, they have got you right here.

Words: Alex Griffin