News 13 June 2019

New episodes of ‘The Boondocks’ are coming

13 June 2019

The Boondocks is set to return with a brand-new series and all new episodes according to an announcement by Sony Pictures Animation.

The satirical adult cartoon which started its life as a comic strip premiered on television for the first time in 2005 and the series became and remained a cult classic for the entirety of its nine-year run.

Created by Aaron McGruder, the series starred Oscar-winning actress Regina King and John Witherspoon as well as a host of guest stars across the seasons.

The Boondocks was praised for its social commentary on race, politics, class and American society. The show touched on several controversial topics including R Kelly’s child pornography trial, the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident and modern-day conspiracy theories.

The show went on for four seasons but fans were disappointed when the fourth and final season was made without the involvement of Aaron McGruder. Fans will, therefore, be happy to learn that this new “complete re-imagining of The Boondocks for the modern era” will involve Aaron McGruder.

Check out an image of Huey Freeman’s new redesign for the reimagining below. 

The news was teased in March after John Witherspoon, the voice of Granddad, confirmed his involvement.

John said, “I’m on the cartoon. What is it? The Boondocks? I didn’t change my voice for The Boondocks. And they coming back. The Boondocks is coming back. It’s one of the best cartoons I’ve ever been on”.

According to the announcement, fans should expect Riley, Huey, Granddad and of course Uncle Ruckus to return to their screens in 2020.

Prior to this, fans had heard nothing about a reimaging of the series or possibility of new episodes. Aaron McGruder did, however, release a one-off comic strip which poked fun at American politics.

As we wait for more news on the new and improved version of The Boondocks, take a look at the comic strip below and when you’re done, click here for more TV news.