Exclusives News 11 January 2020
Author: Vince

Check Out The funniest Responses To The Wiley vs Stormzy Clash

11 January 2020

The clash has always been an essential part of the culture. In the early days of the grime scene clashes determined who was next up and who was the best in the game. It was also the place to get the real tea, exposing the unknown facts behind street myths and studio tales.

Now the scene has a bigger platform than ever, the entire internet is weighing in on the Stormzy vs Wiley clash and the comments and memes have been hilarious!

We’re doing a run down of the funniest internet moments we have seen so far:

1. Eddie Hearn knows a good clash when he sees one!

2. Shout out to our American cousins! 

3. Things get said in a clash, we know! As long as we dont see any of this at Croydon Market:

4. We should allow the mothers….

5. We all know no one loves a clash quite like Chip! 

6. Many family members were harmed in the making of Stormzy’s second diss track

7. But lets face it, at this point….It’s about Mothers. The disrespect is getting turned up:

8. So the question is Wiley get put in a spliff ?

9.  Surely Chip isn’t going to sit this one out…..Its pretty much a free for all at this point:

10. Couldn’t have summed it up better ourselves!


11. The ever growing Wiley blocklist