News 8 April 2015
Author: Alex Griffin

The good, the bad and the SERIOUS. #JmesTweetsOfTheWeek

8 April 2015

Grime legend. Philosopher. Vegan advocate. Jamie Adenuga keeps up his Twitter traditions, dropping knowledge dart after knowledge dart. Thankfully, GRM Daily and Griff are here to round up the best of #JmesTweetsOfTheWeek to make sure you don’t miss out on learning a little something from Boy Better Know’s founding father.

This Vine has been doing the viral rounds, so Jme dropped a little advice for anyone in a similar position.


We hope #GrimeFact becomes a regular hashtag. He drops some trivia for all the grime nerds.

Shout out to you Ryan. Sounds like he loves Jme even more than we do.

If you’re gonna chat like a roadman, at least do it properly!

This driver is probably one of the luckiest dudes in the country, getting an exclusive play of ‘Integrity’.

Gwarn for one and gwarn for all.

Jme stays healthy AND culturally relevant.

If this new one is anything like the previous videos from his new album, we’re sure to be in for a treat.

We just hope he’s cutting cheques from all these Uber references.

There’s a goddamn difference Romeo!

Jme doesn’t need any drugs. You can keep ’em.

Closing off this week’s column, is a bit of genuinely great advice, courtesy of Tupac.

Alright, we had to close it off with something a little less serious.

Words: Alex Griffin