News 30 July 2020

The Guardian Issues Apology To Kano After Confusing Him For Wiley In Recent Article

30 July 2020

The Guardian newspaper has issued an apology to Kano after its error in using a picture of his instead of Wiley’s in an article regarding anti-semitism.

The newspaper took to Instagram to release a formal apology to the artist.

“A Guardian article written by Owen Jones about racism on social media today mistakenly carried a photograph of Kano,” the apology begins.

“The Guardian apologises unreservedly to Kano and our readers for the error, which was corrected when it was spotted. We would also like to clarify that Owen Jones was not involved in this error.”

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The apology comes after the newspaper received backlash yesterday (July 29) after many social media users noticed the error in which Kano’s photo was used instead of Wiley’s in an opinion piece about racism.

Following the mistake, Kano took to his Instagram page to call out The Guardian and other media outlets who have made similar errors.

“Won’t leave this up because I don’t want my likeness to be associated with this rhetoric for any longer than it already has,” Kano wrote. “But YO @guardian
/ @owenjones84, I’m the other black rapper from East London. Fix up. (@variety and @bbc for that matter, too. It’s not okay. Do better.)”