News 30 July 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Review: ‘The Intent’ movie soundtrack is COLD

30 July 2016

Boasting a whole heap of notable contributors, the soundtrack for new movie The Intent – which is out now – is clearly a sign of the times, and is sure to deliver uncompromisingly grimy experience.

The legendary Ghetts leads the charge with the opening track “Savage“, with production duties in the hands of the very capable Rude Kid. The production on “Savage” is typical of him, the keys sound like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Rather than little green men however, we are treated to extraterrestrial lyrical acrobatics from Ghetts who glides over the beat effortlessly with his iconic skippy flow. His high octane delivery bodes well with the content of the track, as he paints a cut-throat world where being savage is a necessary survival tactic:

“Them n***** bought chains and whips/Us man have got food on planes and ships/Too explicit for PG n***** but man could of gave them tips”

In true Ghetts fashion the track is loaded with this clever wordplay and sets the bar incredibly high for the rest of the soundtrack.

The Ruff Sqwad track “Blowing up Road” is a welcome inclusion to the soundtrack and features two of the original members Dirty Danger and Slix, making for nostalgic listening.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest appearances on the soundtrack has to be So Solid Crew’s Swiss. Swiss, who rose to fame with the brilliant socially conscious So Solid track “Broken Silence, provides listeners with a healthy dose of social realism on the track “Plastic People“. The track is a cautionary tale of deceit and skulduggery which Swiss vividly depicts with his concise hard hitting rhymes:

“You know them d***riders stay sitting on your c**k/You can never tell who’s really gonna plot/Cause even Judas helped put Jesus on the cross/A friend gained in the streets is a friend you gotta watch/Take a look at how the benefits weigh against the costs”

The socially conscious content is a welcome break from all the braggadocio and hype on the rest of the soundtrack.

A short break is all we get however, as we’re thrown back into the hype and treated to some fine lyrical displays from the cream of the crop of the best MC’s and rappers. Raining fire down on our ears are the likes of Cadet, Big Tobz, Fekky, Paigey Cakey, Ms Banks and of course the man who can do no wrong at the moment, Stormzy.

Towards the tail end of the epic musical journey The Intent Soundtrack has taken us on, we are treated to a true masterstroke, Tanika and Troy Hudson provide some R&B vibes, which perfectly offsets the grimy soundscape that the rest of the soundtrack provides. 

by Seth Pereira