News 6 October 2021

Junior Barrister Releases New Book ‘The Law In 60 Seconds’ To Help People Understand Their Rights

6 October 2021

A junior barrister has released a new book to explain everyday laws using ordinary language.

Titled The Law In 60 Seconds: A Pocket Guide To Your Rights, this book has been created by 27-year-old Christian Weaver, a junior barrister at Garden Court North Chambers in Manchester.

The project first started when Mr Weaver began uploading 60 second videos on YouTube to inform people of their rights, which inspired him to create a book written in understandable language so every member of society is clued up on their rights.

An official description for the book reads: “From junior barrister Christian Weaver comes an indispensable guide to your basic legal rights. We engage with the law every day: when we leave the house, and even when we don’t, we’re bound by rules we don’t even notice. Until they’re used against us. Knowing our rights means taking control of our lives. In this handbook, lawyer Christian Weaver brings together everything you need to know to claim your space in the world.

“Whether you are arguing with your landlord, looking for a refund, going to a protest or being harassed, this essential guide illuminates the full power of the law, and arms you with your rights, including: – in a relationship – at home – out on the street – when you’ve spent money, owe it or are owed it From housing to relationships, police conduct to travel, this guide will give you the confidence and clarity to take control in any situation.”

“I started drafting The Law in 60 Seconds: A Pocket Guide to Your Rights in the hope it could serve as such a resource,” Mr Weaver said when speaking about the book to The Law Society Gazette.

“The hope is that it can assist on the small issues – such as whether you are within your rights to push for a refund when you’ve been told you must accept an exchange note by “James” at customer services, but also on the more serious issues, or those you might feel uncomfortable searching via an internet browser, such as the legal protections existing if you are in a domestically violent relationship or the law on the sending of explicit images to your partner.”

The book is available to buy now in bookstores and online!