News 8 August 2020
Author: Nadia Angel

Director of ‘The Matrix’ confirms that the film is a “trans metaphor”

8 August 2020

Lily Wachowski, the co-director of the famous trilogy The Matrix has said that the films were meant to pay homage to the transgender community, “but the wold wasn’t quite ready”.

Our screens were first blessed with the beginning of the franchise, starring Keanu Reeves, in 1999. Since then, fans theorised the potential hidden meaning of the films, but it wasn’t until now that Lily confirmed the popular speculation.

The Wachowski’s, comprised of sisters Lily and Lana, who choose these hidden metaphors as a representation of themselves, as both sisters are transgender. Lana transitioned first in 2008 and Lily came out as have had her transitioning in March of 2016. Not only does the time between the release of the movie and its meaning compare to the time they transitioned, but Lily mentioned, “For years, I couldn’t even say the words ‘transgendered’ or ‘transsexual”.

Creating science fiction was an outlet to the sisters as, “we were existing in a space where the words didn’t exist, so we were always living in a world of imagination”.

This was confirmed by the trilogy winning four Academy Awards and being constantly named as one of the greatest science fiction films available.

This is not the last of the Matrix trilogy, as there is an expected fourth film that will hit our screens in 2022.