News 16 September 2019

Here’s our rundown of episode 4 of ‘The Rap Game UK’ (Spoiler Alert)

16 September 2019

Episode four of BBC Three’s The Rap Game UK is here and this new episode takes the competition to exciting new heights as the contestants are once again put through their paces with two new challenges.

Following the departure of Unknown Smooth last episode, J Lucia, Lady Ice, F.O.S, Chade Paine, Kiico and Ransom FA are now a group of six and are slowly adjusting to the new dynamic in the penthouse.

The six are sent off to London for the first challenge of the week where they are set up with Jae5 for a studio session and tasked with creating an instrumental with him in 30 minutes.

Jae5 is the producer behind the hits of some of the UK’s biggest artists such as Dave, J Hus, Raye and NSG so as Konan says, if the artists are unhappy with their beat, it is due to their poor communication, not Jae5’s production.

The artists all take to the challenge well and are overseen by DJ Target who ensures that everyone is making the most out of their sessions.

The six artists all try their hand at composing melodies on the spot and put into practice building rapport with a producer which is an essential skill for any musician.

After the studio session, Krept, Konan and DJ Target surprise the six hopefuls with an additional challenge; they are tasked with recording the track and then performing it in front of 600 people at a popular Birmingham venue.

The contestants are told that their crowd control and stage presence will be judged and assessed which will subsequently determine their weekly ranking in the competition.

Before performing, the artists are mentored by three artists who hail from Birmingham and are experienced in both performing and pleasing the Brum town crowd; Dapz on the Map, Devilman and Jaykae.

Offering tips on crowd engagement, confidence, battling anxiety, the importance of rehearsal and the skill of breath control, the contestants receive gems from the established artists and are given all of the tools needed to excel in the challenge should they have what it takes.

Performance time approaches and the six hopefuls each perform their track in front of a lively crowd and guest judge Lady Leshurr.

The performances are varied with some contestants displaying clear confidence and crowd engagement with others opting for chilled personas and a relaxed approach.

Krept, Konan and Target are impressed and surprised with some of the performances but are left disappointed with others.

When the contestants finally receive their weekly ranking, there is frustration and confusion as the rankings in this episode are different from anything we have seen yet.

For the second week in a row, everyone is reminded that no one is safe and anyone that does not deliver can expect to face the necessary repercussions for not fully making the most out of this life-changing opportunity.

Next week’s episode promises music video shoots, drama and more controversial rankings. Make sure you tune in to the next episode of The Rap Game UK to see if your favourite of the six comes out on top.

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