News 31 August 2019

Here’s our rundown of the explosive second episode of ‘The Rap Game UK’ (Spoiler Alert)

31 August 2019

BBC Three’s The Rap Game UK is back with episode two and this episode definitely lives up to the high expectations set by the teaser at the end of episode one.


Episode two brings drama, superstar special guests and some sick bars to the thriving UK city of Birmingham.


We see the seven contestants, J Lucia, Lady Ice, F.O.S, Chade Paine, Unknown Smooth, Kiico and Ransom FA compete against each other in two challenges this week; a team task and a sound clash.


The team challenge splits the group in half and the groups are tasked with choosing an instrumental, recording a track with verses and a chorus and performing the track in front of one of the most happening groups of the moment, afro-bashment kings NSG.


The performance of the individuals within the team varies which causes disappointments, tension and a confidence boost for some.


NSG take over as judges for this challenge and offer the contestants constructive criticism which will only help them improve their craft.


We later see Krept, Konan and DJ Target pair the contestants up to compete against each other at a live sound clash event where along with the three hosts, very special guest and clash King Ghetts lends a hand to help judge the clashes.


With his history for legendary clashes against some of the biggest artists on the scene, who better to judge this challenge than Ghetts?


Krept and Konan reiterate that there are no rules to clashes and the seven clearly took this onboard. Listen out for vile snipes at appearance, living situations, rap skills and even family bereavements.


Krept and Konan are even brought into the mix when one artist alleges some gossip best left to the tabloids.


The clashes leave the house different than ever before with one, in particular, erupting into a vicious war of words that gets the whole cast involved. It becomes evident here that there are clear personality differences and disagreements between some of the contestants that have been brewing for a while.


The seven hopefuls are later ranked by Krept, Konan and Target; with some left elated by their results and others in tears.


Next week’s episode promises more drama, an appearance from one of West London’s biggest stars and the elimination of one the house’s best-loved contestants.


Konan also calls in an urgent meeting to fix some major “problems” in the house.


With the major cliffhangers left by this episode, you definitely do not want to miss the next episode of The Rap Game UK.


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