News 13 November 2020

Here’s our rundown of episode four of BBC Three’s ‘The Rap Game UK’ series 2

13 November 2020

BBC Three’s The Rap Game UK is back and this fresh new episode is packed with two intense challenges that push the contestants to the max.

Last week, Zones, Lesha, D Live, Ddroid and Graft returned to the penthouse after the competition paused due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the UK national lockdown, the series was unable to continue until lockdown restrictions were lifted.

Shogun was unfortunately forced back into quarantine which left the rap hopefuls lacking the sixth member of their household.

This week, the rappers are halfway through the competition and eager to please Krept, Konan and Target in the next series of challenges.

First up is the Club Banger challenge which asks the rappers to create a party-ready track in just 24 hours.

Mentor for this challenge is Deno – London’s much-loved young superstar who boasts hit tracks like “Advice”, “Pumpy” and “Self-Obsessed” in his catalogue.

Guiding the hopefuls through their creation of catchy bangers, Deno is left impressed with what he sees and he offers honest feedback to each contestant.

Later, the rappers are asked to perform their club-ready track at one of Birmingham’s most prolific nightlife hotspots for Ms Banks.

Banks has several chart-topping hits and has performed with the likes of Tinashe, Nicki Minaj and Ambush – making her the perfect industry expert for this challenge.

The performances are varied – with Latin inspired tracks, female empowerment anthems, rap bangers and sexualised songs all making an appearance.

For challenge two, Shogun is back and reunited as six, the contestants are asked to record over Krept and Konan’s “I Spy” instrumental.

Tasked with revealing something personal about themselves in their lyrics, the rappers are shocked once more when they realise that they not only will be performing along with a live orchestra but also that Wretch 32 will be this week’s judge.

The performances touch on a range of themes including religion, mourning, moving away from past criminality and more – with Wretch being left visibly impressed and unfortunately disappointed with some of the performances.

This week’s rankings are an emotive watch as some of the rappers take issue with their positioning.

With next week’s episode promising music video shoots, beat-making with internationally renowned producers and a guest judge in the form of one of the UK’s most successful artists in the last few years, you cannot afford to miss a moment of BBC Three’s The Rap Game UK.

Catch up with BBC Three’s The Rap Game UK on iPlayer now and prove your rap skills by making your mark on DJ Target’s Rap Map.