Exclusives 14 October 2021

GRM Exclusive: How PinkPantheress Rose from Obscurity to Become a Dominant Force

14 October 2021
PinkPatheress GRM

If you haven’t already heard the new nostalgic sounds of PinkPantheress, you should ask yourself where you have been (no Jaykae). The 20-year-old has broken the Tik Tok scene with her single “Just for Me”, and has been used by 2.2 million users in their videos. The artist who has taken influence from genres British DNB and Garage has invented her very own unique sound – so if you haven’t already get to know! 

Keeping it authentic, she began creating her hits on Apple’s software Garageband and intends on keeping her real name private. Outside of music, she is currently studying at University in London, where she pieced together some of her hits from her halls of residence. A month after “Just For Me” dropped, West London’s very own Central Cee would release a remix of the tune entitled “Obsessed With You”, further proving how far the PinkPatheress original had reached. Though the artist has racked an insane 9.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify over the last few months, she has suggested that her daily routine remains fairly normal. 

Despite being just over a minute and a half long, “Just for Me” really was the track that broke the internet. Produced by Mura Masa the song is a part two to her earlier release “Pain”. The song immediately transports you to early 2000’s when you press play and the chorus is instantly catchy and can easily become stuck inside your head once you have played the song a couple times. 

Her tracks may be short, but within the time they provide listeners with an upbeat and refreshing sound which makes you immediately want to hit replay. She has also recently collaborated with the likes of Goldlink and CG boys. The slightly longer than normal single “Evian”, presents an upbeat garage sound with the likes of Rizloski and Goldlink also featuring vocals on the track. 

Her single “Passion” takes you through a nostalgic journey which fuses genre’s DNB and Pop together to create an exhilarating energy from start to finish. 

The latest release entitled “I must apologise” serves an energetic feel which transports you to the world of a 90’s nightclub. The loop of the instrumental which samples club classic “Gypsey Woman” and is co- produced by Oscar Scheller has been described by the artist as “fast paced” and “upbeat”. 

In addition to her new single, PinkPantheress, originally from Bath, has also announced her upcoming mixtape To Hell With It. With the announcement of the project, which is due to arrive on the 15th October, the artist has said “I’ve been collecting songs that I’ve made this year, and while I’m still developing my sound, I’m hoping these songs immerse you into your ideal fantasy world as you listen”.

It’s safe to say that PinkPantheress has officially taken the industry by storm, and without a doubt, the singer has a very exciting future for her music!