News 24 August 2016

‘The Stream’: Is this the digital age ‘X Factor’?

24 August 2016

It has been announced that a new reality show is set for release under the name The Stream.

Every 4-5 years we see a new talent show take the nation by storm. There has been shows such as Pop Idol, Popstars: The Rivals, Fame Academy and most recently The X Factor. However The X Factor‘s ratings have been declining for a few years now and it seems it is only a matter of time before it is dethroned. Is The Stream set to become the next big talent show in the UK and even around the globe?

Due to the success of streaming as a form of music consumption, TV producers have come together to create the new show to rival the X Factor with a great new format.

Hopefuls will upload a video on Spotify of them performing, and the highest streamed videos will have a chance at performing in front of top A&R’s from the biggest record labels in the world. In the live stages ‘votes’ will essentially be replaced with the number of streams. The complete details of the show have not yet been released, however the show is set for release in Norway which boast’s high streaming numbers amongst its population. We are sure it will only be a matter of time before a UK version of this show is released to challenge The Voice and The X Factor.

2015 marked the first year where music revenue has risen significantly after almost 20 years of decline. This is due to the rise of digital formatting and how music is consumed. Downloads and more importantly streaming have overtaken physical sales as the number one revenue in music. Streaming has grown at a rapid rate with many countries now including this in their chart standings and the remaining countries are sure to follow sooner rather than later. US rapper Drake recently became Spotify’s most streamed artist ever with around 3 billion streams worldwide.