News 27 October 2015
Author: Jaik Fenton

This holy pen will make you pass your exams

Author Jaik Fenton
27 October 2015

Finding revision tough? Or just simply superstitious when it comes to exams? Well, there may be a solution with a new batch of ‘Holy Pens’ that make students pass their exams… well so a Zimbabwean pastor claims.

You know where this story is going.

According to News24Zim, the man in question – who goes by the appropriate name of Prophet Sham – claims that such pens, coupled with faith, can guarantee success in exams.

Unsurprisingly the more you pay, the higher the grades, with prices for pens ranging from $1-$20.

It has reportedly seen success, with one student receiving positive A-Level results after using a pen given by the pastor.

Prophet Sham is also known to perform several miracles in front of thousands of people at his services.

Who’s to say he’s lying? Did the pen have a part to play? That’s for you to decide. What do you think?