News 5 November 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

This player just received one of the longest bans in Football history

5 November 2016

There’s been some pretty controversial incidents in football over the years that have warranted bans. Suarez biting another player, Zidane’s head butt and plenty more. They apparently weren’t as bad as what happened most recently though…

A Rochdale striker, namely Calvin Andrews, has been served with a titanic twelve match ban, for allegedly elbowing Oldham’s Peter Clarke.

It acts as one of the longest ban in football (or at least FA) history, with a longer punishment then the ten game ban Suarez for biting and of course even longer than the eight match ban for racial abuse.

Andrews wasn’t even booked during the game. The decision came after a post-match review from officials, after Rochdale ended up running 1-0 winners in the League 1 derby game.

Although Andrews will now be out of action until January, it could be worse; Eric Cantona received a nine month ban for kung-fu kicking a Crystal Palace fan back in 1995, while Mark Bosnich received the same sentence for cocaine usage in 2003.

Check out some footage of the incident below.