News 17 February 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Chile fans are protest marching against Arsenal for this hilarious reason

17 February 2017

It’s been a pretty difficult period in the season once again for the red side of North London, as Arsenal have struggled to compete at the top of the Premier League.

Now things have taken an even more embarrassing turn, as reports are coming out that thousands of Chile fans are set to march in protest of their star player, Alexis Sanchez, staying with the Gunners any longer.

More than 5000 supporters have clicked attending on the march’s Facebook page, which is set out to happen on March 1st in the streets of Santiago, the capital of Chile.

The description for the event reads, “Chileans are tired of watching one of our stars work alone so that their team can move forward.

“We do not want him to play in Madrid, not to return to Barcelona, the truth is that we do not give a damn what team to play, we just want to see him fight along with ten others to get results. No more alone.”

While that will make tough reading for any Arsenal fan, they’ve kind of got a point. Sanchez scored their only goal in the 5-1 thrashing to Bayern Munich.

Following the defeat, Arsenal fans were sent into a fury; check out Troopz’s angry and expletive-filled response right here.