News 31 October 2020

Three men were rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a tumble dryer

31 October 2020

Three men crawled into an industrial-sized tumble dryer at a laundrette in Epping and Essex County Fire and Rescue Service were called to rescue them.

Two had climbed into the dryer and then, as the third man crawled inside himself his ankles became stuck within the doors.

Glenn Jackson, Fire Service Watch Manager, spoke out about the bizarre incident. He said, “We used a range of equipment to free the casualty’s ankles and allow him to crawl into the tumble dryer. The HEMS team gave him pain relief and we then managed to move the door, again using a range of equipment, so the men could crawl out.”

Glenn Jackson also added that the crews “worked really hard in arduous conditions” and that it was a “difficult site to access and we had to carry a lot of heavy equipment a large distance from the appliances to the tumble dryer and then use our expertise to free the men safely.

The men were left with the ambulance service for treatment.