Videos 10 June 2020
Author: Courtney W

Listen To Tiggs Da Author’s Latest Single “We Ain’t Scared”

10 June 2020

Tiggs Da Author has blessed us with the lyric video for his brand-new single entitled “We Ain’t Scared”.

The tempo on Tiggs’ newest track is upbeat but the lyrics are thoughtful; demonstrating resilience and power – two elements which resonate with the current climate across the world.

Speaking on the track, Tiggs said:“I like the idea of a beat doing one thing and you’re saying the complete opposite. For me, what’s important is making songs with a message that gets through, whether immediately or eventually.

“This song is literally me explaining me moving from Tanzania, then growing up in south London with no father figure. You have to learn from your mistakes and teach yourself how to be a man.”

“We Ain’t Scared” is set to feature on Tiggs Da Author’s debut studio album which is due out later this year.

While we wait for more information on Tiggs’ upcoming LP, listen to “We Ain’t Scared” above.