News 26 October 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

This is possibly the weirdest Tinder match yet

Author Marisa Lee
26 October 2016

This isn’t your normal Tinder hook-up story.

19-year-old student Mark Kowalczyk was flicking through his potential matches on Tinder when he stumbled accross a random girl he’s never seen before, standing right in his bathroom in her profile picture.

He was convinced that Jenna Zagrodniczek, 19, was standing in his house. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s my bathroom!'” Kowalczyk told BuzzFeed.

It turns out that Jenna had been to a party at Mark’s previously as they had mutal friends, but they hadn’t actually met. “I assumed that since we had a couple parties before, it must have been from one of those nights,” said Mark.

Jenna had no idea that mark was the host of the party. “When I went into the bathroom, I felt the need to take a mirror picture and posted it later.”

The Twitter Detectives were swiftly on the case offering explanations, until Jenna replied with a picture of her on Mark’s porch.

They matched each other on the app, and are planning a date soon.

“We do plan to meet around Halloween,” Jenna said, while Mark mentioned, “I would be cool with meeting up with her.”