News 24 February 2022
Author: JK Lamps

Tinie Tempah Announces Launch Of His New Fried Chicken Brand ‘RAPS’

Author JK Lamps
24 February 2022

Prolific British musician and fashion icon, Tinie Tempah, has decided to step into the world of food and hospitality as he introduces to the world RAPS – a brand of soul food in partnership with Kitchen Ventures.

Launching on March 11th, RAPS is a tribute to Tinie Tempah’s earliest memories of trying various chicken and chip shops across south-east London after school, and family meals.

At the centre of RAPS, the values are of hip hop ideologies which are inclusive to soul food lovers. Over the past year, Tinie’s been in the kitchen with Big Has who has played an important role in bringing Tinie’s ideas to life, whilst conversing and remembering their early experiences of fast food.

At this current moment in time, the menu consists of: Chicken wraps (or ‘Raps’) which include the ‘Unruly’, (featuring deep fried jerk marinated corn fed chicken, plantain, jerk bbq sauce and lime mayo slaw); Tinie’s personal favourite, the ‘African Giant’ (which sees buttermilk fried chicken, jollof salsa, plantain, lettuce, tomato and mayo) and the ‘Buffalo Soulja’ (blending buttermilk fried chicken, buffalo sauce, blue cheese, house pickles, lettuce and tomato and the vegan ‘JME’ wrap).

The menu also offers the ‘Unknown T’s Buttermilk Brined Tenders’ and ‘Peng Wings’ with bespoke RAPS freshly made sauces such as jerk BBQ, pineapple hot sauce and Korean BBQ, to complete the menu.

“RAPS just felt right,” Tinie said. “Food is an exploration of culture through its ingredients and flavours and London, the city I’m from, is rich with diversity and culture; it was really exciting to work on something where I was able to combine the food I love and grew up on (both in the home and on the high street) and the music that inspired me to be who I am today.”

RAPS will be available both online and physically and will debut with a four month residency at Willows on the Roof in partnership with Night Tales.

Currently, the areas served based off Kitchen Ventures locations are: Shoreditch, Hackney and Dalston to Brixton, Camberwell, Queen’s Park and Willesden. There are plans to expand nationally and internationally, so everyone will get a taste of RAPS sooner or later!

Be sure to check out RAPS when it opens!