News 25 January 2015

Tinie Tempah responds to Chip’s Fire In The Booth…

25 January 2015

Last night we saw Chip take over the airwaves at BBC 1xtra for one of the most monumental Fire In The Booth’s in history.

He’s been away for a while and it’s fair to say he’s been doing a lot of thinking about the music scene and has something to say about one individual MC – Tinie Tempah.

A year ago, to the day, Tinie Tempah delivered a Fire In the Booth for Charlie which Chip was unhappy about. Chip took exception to some of the lines from Tinie during his freestyle, particularly the line “I left the pizza boys that thought I won’t deliver again, you say you’re gonna be around, let’s see who is in the end” which Chip believed was an intentional dig at him because he has a track called ‘Pizza boy’.

In response, Chip had a lot to say about Tinie and amongst other things, has called Tinie out to start using his popularity to make music that says something that matters and be a voice for his community rather than just being seen at fashion parties.

Whilst the online world continues to go nuts, it’s fair to say the people are waiting for some sort of response.

This morning Tinie Tempah posted this to Instagram:

GRM Daily

Do you think we can expect any further fighting talk from Tinie?

Check out the original Tinie Tempah Fire In The Booth here, and if you missed Chip’s you certainly need to watch that.