News 6 February 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Police swipe 1.4 tonnes of cocaine in movie-like heist on a yacht

6 February 2017

Police have arrested a group of six smugglers in Australia in a huge heist off of the coast of Australia, seizing a whopping 1.4 tonnes of cocaine in the process.

They tracked down a yacht following its travel to a “mothership” in international waters after New Zealand authorities gathered some intel on the boat and its illicit activities.

The yacht was allegedly crewed by New Zealander Hamish Thompson, 63, and Swiss-Fijian Valentino Fries, 54, and reveals the international nature of drug trafficking.

Australian federal police acting deputy commissioner, Neil Gaughan, said, “They’re interested in bringing misery to the Australian community and all they really care about is lining their own pockets.”

The amount of cocaine reportedly had a street value of $312 million dollars when sold on, which is the equivalent of around £250 million.

Gaughan continued, “The courts will ultimately make a decision whether or not our actions were lawful,” in reference to the legalities of pursuing suspects in international waters.

“But we are of the very strong belief that we were acting within the law and acting in accordance with the legislation as it currently sits in Australia.”