News 24 January 2021

Kano & Little Simz reportedly spotted filming scenes for ‘Top Boy’ in Newham

24 January 2021

Kano and Little Simz were seen filming scenes for Top Boy on the streets of Newham this week.

In a video which has circulated on Instagram and TikTok, we see the actors at Custom House in E16 where they are surrounded by crew.

No sound is offered and the video gives little away but it does promise the same realist representation of London that we were offered in the past three offerings.


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This video comes as Kano and Ashley Walters confirmed that filming for Top Boy season four resumed back in December.

Taking to Instagram, Ashley Walters said, “SEASON 2 LET’S GO!!!  @TopBoyNetflix @Netflix @NetflixUK #topboynetflix #alwayswinning” in a post which documented his return to set.

The series was set to resume filming in summer 2020 but plans were put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic which initially halted film and television production during the first initial national lockdown.

In an interview with GRM, Ashley talked about the forthcoming new season and said:

“Everyone saw where it left off on season three, what we do on Top Boy really well is that we continue from where it left off, we’re not trying to fake the world, so it’s more of the same, but obviously, the tensions are higher!”

He added, “Obviously, as you know, nothing goes to plan. You know, so there’s loads of screwed up, real and snaky behaviour that happens that ends in madness. It’s bigger and better than before, and I know it’s obvious for me to say that, but genuinely it is! and people are going to be really pleased with it!” 

The Netflix series is yet to confirm its release date but with production ongoing, it is hoped that Dushane, Sully, Jamie, Shelley and co will return to our screens soon.