News 2 January 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Is Tory Lanez using his new mixtape to beef Drake again?

Author Trudy Barry
2 January 2017

Looks like that Tory Lanez and Drake drama is heating up again with the release of Lanez’ new mixtape The New Toronto 2.

The Toronto-born rappers have a history of sending subliminal shots to one another both in tracks and in interviews. Here’s a little breakdown of their history so far.

The whole thing started last year when Tory Lanez released a remix of Drake’s summer banger “Controlla”. Considering the original song was still in the charts at the time, many took this move as Lanez attempting to usurp the 6 God by jacking his track.

Drake acknowledged Lanez’ remix when he announced on stage during his Summer 16 tour, “all you boys doing fake “Controllas””, but Tory Lanez replied that he genuinely just liked the song.

You would’ve thought that coming from the same city would align the rappers, however it just seems to have ignited a rivalry beyond belief. There was a time when Drake said he feels “proud” of Lanez’ success, which apparently the “LUV” artist found patronising.

In his track “Summer 16” Drake keeps the whole thing subliminal as hell with the line “all the boys from the new Toronto wanna be me a lil”. Did Tory Lanez use this line as inspiration for the title of his latest release?

All that drama brings us to The New Toronto 2.

Lanez’ new track “Lick x Drive You Crazy” from the tape features the line “bout to make Forbes list everything is gorgeous” which is almost identical to Drake’s “5am in Toronto” where he raps, “I swear, fuck them n*ggas this year, I made Forbes list / N*gga, fuck your list, everything’s lookin’ gorgeous.” Again, this could just be Lanez paying homage an inspiration. But then…

Another line from Lanez’ mixtape, “and I pray I’ll never dress like ya’ll / only bird on my shirt is when I press that raw” is obviously alluding to the OVO owl logo. Maybe he’s not a big a fan as we thought…

Guess now we just have to sit back and wait on Drizzy’s response, one thing we can be sure of though: this isn’t over.