News 8 April 2020

Tory Lanez’s ‘Quarantine Radio’ Gets Banned From Instagram

8 April 2020

Canada’s Tory Lanez recently launched his popular Quarantine Radio segment on Instagram Live and it’s safe to say that with over 350,000 people tuning in – reportedly the record for most viewers on the Instagram feature – his stream was creating a big impact.

The general theme of the radio show held an ‘anything goes’ theme, with twerk contests and celebrity appearances from the likes of Drake, Chris Browns and DMX amongst others.

With all of the attention that the rapper was bringing in, it was clear that the social media company was keeping an eye on the content that he was putting out. 

In certain parts of the show, the livestream was playfully pushing the streaming boundaries set by InstagramThis eventually lead to Tory receiving a ban from the platform yesterday, April 7th. This, however did’t seem to stop the rapper as he quickly hopped back into the stream with a newly created IG page but unfortunately this was taken down swiftly as well.

Tory spoke on the matter: “This is crazy at this point, my n***a… I had 350K live. Instagram cut me off, my n***a. I made a whole brand new page n***as ain’t never heard of. The Quarantine Radio. I just got to a hundred thousand. Instagram shut me off. At this point, I don’t know what y’all want from me. I’m sorry.”     

Following the ban, the artist has mentioned that his ban will be lifted on April the 14th, and he has been quick to post some humorous photos on his page to hit back at Instagram. 


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