News 12 April 2023

Tory politician says white people should have black slaves in shocking racist tirade

12 April 2023

A Conservative politician is under investigation by party officials following a leak of allegedly him making racist remarks.

Andrew Edwards, a county councillor in Pembrokeshire, is alleged to have said that “all white men should have a black man as a slave” and that black people were of “lower class” than whites.

The claims surfaced after an audio recording was posted online, and Edwards has refused to deny that it is his voice on the recording.

He says in the clip, “Nothing wrong with the skin colour at all. I think all white men should have a black man as a slave or black woman as a slave, you know. There’s nothing wrong with skin colour, it’s just that they’re lower class than us white people.”

The Conservative Party confirmed that they were looking into the allegations and that Edwards, a self-employed hairdresser, had not yet been suspended.

Dr Wanda Wyporska, chief executive of civil rights group Black Equity Organisation (BEO), said, “This is truly shocking to hear from anyone in this day and age, let alone an elected representative and county councillor.

“We have to ask if this is the first time he has expressed such racist views? Action clearly needs to be taken.”

The investigation into Edwards’ conduct comes amid a wider discussion about racism and discrimination within political parties in the UK. The Conservative Party has faced accusations of failing to address issues of racism within its ranks, with some members leaving the party in protest.

The outcome of the investigation into Edwards’ comments will be closely watched as a measure of the party’s commitment to combating racism.

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