News 4 July 2016

Tottenham MP gets sent DEATH THREATS over EU referendum

4 July 2016

Police have launched an investigation into abuse made against Tottenham MP David Lammy following the EU referendum, including racist abuse and death threats.

Lammy said he had been thrown thousands of abusive emails, phone calls and threats on social media after he called for a second referendum eight days ago. The investigation is also looking into a post on a right wing group’s Facebook page which horribly suggests the MP should be shot like Jo Cox.

Someone tweeted him, “go back to Africa NIGGER” from an account named “Whitey”, decorated with a swastika and stating “pure white power”. Lammy reported the tweet and replied, “I’m not going anywhere. I was born in this country. But you and your disgusting racist views make me ashamed.” The account has since been removed.

A police spokesman said, “We can confirm we have received allegations of malicious communications through social media. The matter is being investigated. No arrests have been made at the time and inquiries continue.”

Lammy has said that he’s reported all the threats to the police, who have been “very supportive” and “proactive”. He went on to discuss his disappointment; “I am very sad about the wave of intolerance, racism and bigotry that has been unleashed following the referendum.”

His spokesman added: “We have had thousands and thousands of hate messages, on his email, via the post. People have called the office and abused staff.”