News 9 February 2021

Trailer Released For Brand-New ‘Tracy Beaker’ Spin-Off Series

9 February 2021

A new trailer for the upcoming Tracy Beaker spin-off series has arrived!

You’ll be aware of the ongoing rivalry between Tracy and Justine Littlewood if you grew up watching Tracy Beaker in the early noughties, and it’s clear that this feud hasn’t ended several years later.

Fans can see a familiar face in a clip from the brand-new TV show My Mum Tracy Beaker – that airs on CBBC this Friday (February 12) – as Justine Littlewood is seated in Tracy’s kitchen.

Tracy clearly revealed all of her stories about Justine to her child, as her daughter Jess realises that the lady in the kitchen is the very same Justine that she’s heard about. Justine goes on to say, over some suspenseful music, “You’ve told her about me?”

The official synopsis for the book of the series reads: “Jess thinks Tracy is the best mum ever, even when she shouts at her teachers! Yes, their flat’s a bit mouldy. It’s only just big enough for two. And the Duke Estate is a bit scary. But it’s their happy home.”

“Until Sean Godfrey, Tracy’s rich boyfriend, whisks them away to his mansion, life of fast cars and celebrity stardom. Will Jess’s brilliant mum turn into a new person altogether?”

Fans have been sharing their excitement online to see how the story will unfold.

Take in the new clip above, before watching the full trailer below!