News 31 May 2020
Author: Vince

Hundreds gather in Trafalgar Square for Black Lives Matter protests

31 May 2020

Hundreds of protesters have gathered in Trafalgar Square to show solidarity with those protesting in the US.

Today’s protest follows on from a series of demonstrations which have been organised in the capital.

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The murder of George Floyd was captured on video and went viral after being posted to social media. The traumatic and harrowing footage has had a massive impact across the globe and sparked nationwide outrage in America.

While the offending officer, Derek Chauvin, has now been arrested and charged, there are still calls for the other officers who stood by and watched to also be prosecuted. This has also raised a larger conversation about systemic racism, police brutality and the repercussions for officers when a member of the public, particularly black individuals, dies in their custody.

Today’s protest in Trafalgar Square is just the start of a month of organised peaceful demonstrations which will no doubt continue whilst George Floyd’s case develops. 

Further peaceful events have been planned by the Black Lives Matter movement in response to the UK’s own struggles with police brutality. These will take place across London and in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow.