News 25 June 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

This Shoreditch club dropped an event for the most racist reason

Author Trudy Barry
25 June 2017

Trapeze in Shoreditch just f-cked up majorly.

In an email, the club’s general manager Jordan Wells revealed he was “disappointed” that an upcoming event was advertising that they would be featuring bashment and trap music as this brings a “poor quality demographic”.

Haqiqi Events tweeted a screenshot of this email yesterday alongside the event’s poster which does include bashment and French trap alongside RnB, hip hop, afrobeats, funky and old school classics. It also shows that the event was taking place to raise £1000 for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

They confirmed that the event, called CXLTURE would be postponed as they refuse to be associated with a business like this.

Twitter user and co-founder of Haqiqi Events @Taireen18 posted the below video last night which shows Wells explaining that “bashment music and trap music brings people that do drugs and violence”. KMT.