Videos 13 April 2019
Author: Alice Moodle

Watch Trent Alexander-Arnold get pranked by F2Tekkz & Raheem Sterling

13 April 2019

Everyone knows that playing a mate at FIFA can get a bit personal, especially if you’re not a good loser.

This week Raheem Sterling set up a match with Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold in what wouldn’t be a fair match at all.

With Sterling starting to score goals left right and center, Alexander-Arnold became increasingly frustrated, with Sterling making sure to rub it in his face at every opportunity.

 But, Sterling’s incredible gameplay wasn’t as genuine as it seemed.

Just through the door in another room stood professional FIFA player, F2Tekkz. F2Tekkz had full control of Sterling’s team as he played along in the room next door.

The 17-year-old is considered one of the top gamers in the world and will be representing England this week at the FIFA eNations Cup, so Alexander-Arnold didn’t stand a chance.

Watch Alexander-Arnold start to lose his head in the hilarious game above before going back to check out GRM Daily’s latest episode of Games, Gadgets and Rhymes right here.