News 7 April 2022

Trials To Shorten Football Matches Reportedly Starting This Month

7 April 2022

A trial testing 60-minute football matches is due to begin this month, according to a new report.

i News have revealed the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) are looking to trial the new format at the Under 23 Revelation Cup. The trial will reportedly reduce matches to two 30-minute halves, with the clock only running when the ball is live in play.

According to a source, the proposal has not yet been discussed or gained official approval from the International Football Association Board – who control the laws of the game.

If the proposal to reduce games to 60 minutes does get the green light, the FPF will need to authorise a university to look at the data and create a report based on the findings; which would include views from coaches, players, fans and officials.

News of the alleged trials comes just months after independent research body CIES Football Observatory revealed that in 36 leagues across Europe in matches analysed since the 2018/19 season, the ball was in play for just under 60 minutes on average.

It’s hoped that shortening matches would prevent time wasting in football games.

[Image: Saolab Press via Shutterstock]