News 25 August 2016
Author: CJ

Donald Trump used a CRAZY amount of donation money to buy HIS OWN book

Author CJ
25 August 2016

Donald Trump has been accused of trying to raise his public image and get extra cash from royalties. Yikes. By using campaign donations to buy his own book, his intentions are being questioned.

The U.S. presidential hopeful has reportedly spent $55,000 on his book entitled “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again”, which he bought in bulk from retailer Barnes and Noble.

Trump claims that the books were purchased as gifts for attendees to a convention last month – as a part of a “Trump goodie bag”. However, it is reported that for every book that was bought he still received a royalty payment. If Trump wants to do everything above board, he will have to pass on the royalties.

Many have noted the fact that buying his own book would definitely help him get on to the New York Times best-seller list.

Just imagine an MC spending £55,000 on copies of their own album…